Wednesday, March 5, 2014

50, Fifty, fiddy...

We can't seem to get over the sickies! 
At this very moment, one side of my throat feels like it is full of dull nails.  I'm guessing it's viral--none of my normal remedies seem to make a difference! 

I do bring good news... 
Well, good news to me

Week 30

Starting weight: (sigh) 310 pounds.  
Week 33 weight: 278 lbs
Today's weight: 259.6
Change: -18.4
Total Loss: 50.4 lbs
Pounds until goal #1: 0
Weeks left: 17

Have I mentioned how much I love  
I do. 
I have learned to eat. 
I eat. 
I'm losing weight. 
Nothing short of a miracle. 

Now that I've reached my first goal, I would like to take the next 17 weeks a see how much I can lose! Ultimately, I'd like to lose 70 more pounds.  
I did lose 30 pounds in my first month in myshibboleth... So, I could lose those 70 pounds in 17 weeks.  
I shall aim for anything lower than my current weight! 

I am so excited!  

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