Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picking my battles...

Late Saturday, January 8th-- we had a little snow.  By little, I mean we had more than Georgia could ever want!  Georgia was so unprepared, most of the roads are still covered in ice.  School has been out all week!

At our house, we got pretty close to 7 inches!

On Christmas, it also snowed.  Very strange for us to have 2 significant snows in a few short weeks.  Really, it is very strange for us to have any snow...
Ruby loved the snow on Christmas.  we had to get out and make snowmen and have a snowball fight.  Fun stuff!  This time, she came to me, half dressed and said she was going to go out and play.  The conversation went something like this: 
Ruby: "Mom, I'm going to go out and play in the snow!"
Me: "Ruby, that is fine, but you need to get bundled up, it's cold!"
Ruby: "Oh Mom!  It isn't that cold.  I'm going to go out like this."
Me: (After grabbing my camera) "Fine, have fun."

I let my child go out in below freezing temperatures dressed like it was the middle of summer!

Shortly after she walked out the door, I could hear every old woman I go to church with in the back of my head, "She'll catch pneumonia!"  "Put some socks on her!"  "Cover her ears."  I began to question my decision.  However, when I got a glimpse of her face and her arms shaking, I knew that I had done the right thing! 

Right after I snapped this picture, she turned around and looked at me.  She was smiling, but it was a fake smile...and it said, "You were right, Mom."  She got back up on the porch, but then....since she is just as hard headed as I am--she pretended like she loved it.  "I'm gonna jump in it!"

There it is, folks!  She landed face first in the snow!  She jumped up and ran inside.  Can you believe that every time we have talked about going out this week or she is asked to help feed her pony--she bundles up!  She got so cold that day, that unless we make her, she won't go out!
Some of the best parenting advice I have ever received was to "pick your battles."  I love to see the wheels turn in her head about the decisions she is trying to make.  I can't count how many times I give her permission to do something only to have her come back and say, "Forget it, Mom! I don't want to do that!" I like for her to see the consequences of her own decisions... I always tell her the right thing to do, but let her know that it is up to her.  Now obviously, I do pick some battles... There are some things that I will absolutely not budge on.  I will drag her screaming and kicking...well, more like moping with her finger in her mouth and tears welling up in her eyes. But on a normal day, I like to see her make those decisions and realize that this momma, is ALWAYS RIGHT!  lol

Check out my girl entertaining herself while I fed Lucy.  She went shopping in her bedroom.  

And here is Lucy enjoying the snow with her Dad (check out all the drool!): 

And for good measure, we'll throw in another one of Lucy!  In her walker... she always inches closer and closer to her sister!  Silly girls!

It was snowing again, yesterday.  Temperatures aren't supposed to get above freezing until the weekend.  So, looks like we will enjoy this winter wonderland for a few more days! 

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AirForceWife and Mommy of Two said...

awesome post!!! I am following you from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back!! :)

msposhb said...

Stopping by via the Thursday Hops to say hello.
Have a great day!

CP said...


Found you on a blog hop and am your newest follower - Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it.

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Kim said...

I love the way you are letting your daughter find out for herself that "momma knows best" I do that with my kidos too & I am sure I shock many others too. I would be too tired if I fought every battle every day though.

WheelchairDecor said...

Burrrrrrrrrrr! She looks so cute in her pink (sleeveless) dress and pink boots! LOL A girl after my own heart!

Erica K said...

wow, 7 inches!!! My college roommate was from Georgia and she said it was a huge deal if there is an inch, I can't imagine 7!!

thanks for stopping my blog. I am following back

Kimberly said...

Thanks, ladies!

WheelchairDecor, she is a silly, silly girl--we left the house today and guess who had on 2 jackets? lol!

Erica, yes, 1 inch is a big deal in GA! 7 inches might as well be a blizzard! Seriously, they just cancelled school for Friday...that means the kids have been in school for 5 days in the last month! They are out Monday for MLK day! Parents are going bonkers! LOL!

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